We currently offer our customers the opportunity to join the Funded Account Challenge. This gives them the chance to prove their abilities as traders and get a Funded Account where they would receive 70% profits.

1. Log In to your Dashboard by clicking here.

2. Select the account size of your preference.

The platform available on our Funded Account Challenge is TradeLocker, a cutting-edge solution with charts powered by TredingView. You can access our comprehensive guides for further information on how to use TradeLocker.

3. Add coupons if applicable.

4. Tap on "Proceed to Payment".

5. Select the Payment method you would like to use and tap "Proceed to Payment".

6. Scan the QR code or copy the BTC address on your wallet provider to complete the payment. 


Please Note: Bear in mind that network or wallet fees may apply. If we do not receive the full amount, we will send you an email to complete the payment and the credentials will be sent once the full amount of funds is received. 

The challenge starts immediately after you receive the credentials for your account.