SageFX is proud to present a new opportunity for all traders! 

Test your trading abilities and drive, and you will be rewarded with a trading account fully funded by SageFX, where you can trade with no risk of losing your personal funds!

The challenge consists of a simple two-step evaluation with specific requirements that should be met. After paying the entry fee, traders will be provided with an account to start trading and complete the funded journey in line with the challenge's criteria.

There are four great funding options to get started.

Successfully completing Phases 1 and 2 will grant you access to a Funded Trading Account where you can keep 80% of their profits! That is not all. You also have the option of scaling up to 90% if you meet our expectations and prove your consistency. 

Click/tap here if you would like to sign up for this challenge. 

For more information about the sign-up process, click/tap here.