After downloading your Trade History Report from your SageFX account, you can easily access it by just opening the downloaded Excel document. If you have not downloaded the report yet, you can do so by following the steps by clicking here

To better understand the data that is presented to you, please see the below informative points explaining each column on your report. 

  1. Ticket - Refers to the "Trade ID" of your Trade. 
  2. Order Type - If you open a Market Execution Trade, it will read "Buy", or "Sell". The "balance" will show you any transfers made to that specific Live Account. Pending Orders will be shown as "Buy Limit", "Sell Limit", "Buy Stop" or "Sell Stop". 
  3. Symbol - This will show which symbol of the Instruments you have traded. Example: BTCUSD. 
  4. Volume - This will show the Volume of the trade. 
  5. S/L - This will show if a Stop Loss has been set. 
  6. T/P - This will show if a Take Profit has been set. 
  7. Opened At - The date and time the trade was opened. 
  8. Open Price - The price of the trade it was opened. 
  9. Closed At - The date and time the trade was closed. 
  10. Close Price - The price of the trade was closed. 
  11. Swaps - This will show any swap fees that were charged. 
  12. Commission - This will show what commission fee has been charged. 
  13. Profit/Balance - This will show the profit and loss of your trade. Losses will be shown in red. 
  14. Comment - Comments or notes added by you will be shown here along with any automated notes generated by the MT4 or either an EA. 

The report would like below: