In order to access MetaTrader, you will need to start by downloading the application by accessing the below link:

Download MetaTrader4 on MAC

This download will only be available to users with the latest version of MacOS, Big Sur. When the download is complete, follow the below steps:

Step by Step Guide

  • Drag the file to your "Applications" folder on your PC.

  • A window will appear asking if you would like to open the application. Select "Open".
  • Start the MetaTrader application by clicking on it. If you are suggested to download "Wine Gecko Installer", allow the installation of this application.

  • After installing, the MetaTrader application will load and you will be able to search for our Trading servers. To do so, click on the area highlighted below:

  • Enter our server details which are SageFX-Live or then click on "Next".
  • Open the email sent to you when creating your live account. Copy your Account Number and Trader Password.

  • Open the MetaTrader application and enter your details in the designated sections:

  • If you have successfully logged in and connected to our server, your interface should look like this: