On occasion, you may be requested to provide a selfie by our Payments Team. In this selfie, please ensure that: 

  1. You are holding your "Proof of Identity" document clearly.
  2. No information on your document is hidden.
  3. You are holding a handwritten paper with the transaction date, the withdrawal amount and signature written on it.

Your selfie should look like the below:

All information regarding your withdrawal history can be found on the "Withdraw" tab of your SageFX account. By scrolling downwards, you will find the "Withdrawal History" section. From here, you are able to find the required information.

Need help with taking this selfie?

We do understand it may be difficult to take your selfie with both of your hands occupied. For this reason, we highly suggest using a timer application on your webcam or mobile device. You may also request the assistance of a friend.

We do not necessarily require the documents in separate hands. Please feel free to hold the documents in the same hand to use your other hand to take the selfie. However if doing so, please ensure all the information is visible.