If you deposit funds via Bitcoin (BTC), you will need to withdraw the same amount back to the same Bitcoin (BTC) address first before using another withdrawal method.


You deposit $100 via Bitcoin (BTC) 

You trade a little

(Gain a profit of $100. Your total balance goes up to $200)

You want to withdraw your funds

We need to process $100 back via Bitcoin (BTC) first then we can send the other $100 via another method if you do not want to send the funds via Bitcoin.

Please ensure you are very careful when requesting a withdrawal and take note of the following;

  • You are only able to enter a Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet address.     
  • Enter the exact Bitcoin (BTC) address of your Bitcoin (BTC) wallet to avoid delays.  

Processing time?

We aim to process your withdrawal request within 1 business day. 

Once processed, it can take 1-hours or as soon as you receive 3-confirmations on the Blockchain 

You can check up on your transaction by going to blockchain.info and entering the Bitcoin (BTC) address into the search bar. 

Problems/need assistance?

Please contact our support department if you notice any errors/need assistance so we can see if it is still possible to cancel the withdrawal request. 

Transactions can neither be cancelled nor reversed once processed.