After you’ve successfully deposited funds into your SageFX account, they will need to be internally transferred to your Account.

Instructions for Internal Transfers are provided below.

If you have already made the transfer and the funds are not showing in the trading account, log out and log back into your TradeLocker account to allow the balance to update.

  1. Tap on “Internal Transfer”.
  2. Select “Wallet to Trading Platform” as the “Transfer Type”.
  3. Choose the Wallet to transfer from.
  4. Choose the Trading account to deposit into.
  5. Enter the amount to transfer. You need to have this amount available in your SageFX Wallet before you can transfer it. 

Please Note: If you want to know how to transfer between wallets, please tap here.

When requesting a transfer, you will receive a notification on your screen. This notification is there to inform you of our conversion fee when transferring funds. The price before and after the transfer will be visible for your perusal. Please select "Cancel" to keep the funds in your main wallet or "Ok" to proceed.