For address verification, we primarily look to receive ONE of the following documents;

  • Bank Statement (If you provide a Bank Statement or Credit Card Statement please make sure that all personal information such as the Credit Card details are not visible)
  • Utility Bill (Water, Gas, Electric, etc)
  • Postpaid Mobile Phone Bill

Our guidelines;

  • Must be able to see the full document. All four corners and not cropped. (Account numbers and sensitive information can be covered).
  • Document must be dated within 3 months (90 days) of present day and we need to see an issue date.
  • Must state your full name and address on the document.
  • All pages of the document must be provided.
  • Must show some form of official logo, stamp or notarisation.
  • Ensure the document is not password protected.

You will find some examples below:


Not acceptable: